Private tours in Le Marche

Doctor Le Marche will guide you to discover a wonderful land called Le Marche.

Map of Le Marche

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Our tours in Le Marche

Mister Le Marche, a native son of this wonderful region, started to explore and discover Le Marche after a long period of his life spent abroad. He has always been in love with his own region, and thought it would be exciting to show it to tourists willing to discover this unknown area of Italy.

Therefore, from 2003, Mister Le Marche started explore hotels, agriturismos (B&B), restaurants, wineries and activities. Most importantly, by speaking with people of this region, he built strong relationships with the beating heart of Le Marche. In 2003, no one was offering "slow tours" in Le Marche. Consequently, Mister Le Marche is proud to consider himself the real pioneer of slow tourism in the region.

Little by little, people started to come and visit this region from Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada and South America, guided by Mister Le Marche. In the "Supporter's page" you can read the comments of satisfied clients (100% so far).

We strongly recommend that you experience a tour with us. Here are 10 good reasons:

  1. Knowledge: this region is full of gems, but they are unknown to most tourists. There is not a great deal of literature about Le Marche, especially in English. With our tours, you won't waste time and energy as well as your precious vacation time searching for hotels, good restaurants and activities.

  2. Activities: With our personalized tours, we can accommodate any interest and tailor the pace.

  3. Keys: You could pass by a great restaurant, museum, site, canteen, etc. and miss it. Could you imagine that beyond an anonymous grey wall there is one of the most beautiful gardens with a wonderful panorama where you can sit and have an outstanding red or white wine produced by the owner? In our tours, we enter the door of that grey wall...

  4. Language: With our tours, speaking Italian is no longer a constraint to your experience. Mister Le Marche will do it for you. Your feelings, experiences, emotions will be shared with people, and everything you see around will be explained in the real meaning it has for us Italians.

  5. Locals: With our tours, you have a chance to meet locals and share your views and have a better understanding of the Italian people.  At the end of the tour, Le Marche won't be just a distant memory, but the place where Mauro, Francesco, Antonio, Letizia, etc. live and have shared their lives with you.

  6. Empathy: As you can read from the "Supporters' Page", all tours with us end with a lifetime friendship, with a link that goes beyond a mass market tour. Having a tour with you is enjoyable for us as well!

  7. Relax: Our tours are meant to be stress free. We arrange everything.  No worries about driving, schedules, tickets, reservations, etc. Leave it all to us!

  8. Personally: Our tours are for individuals and small groups (10-12 maximum). We are not interested in filling a bus and going around with a flag like shepherds. Our tours are entirely dedicated to you. 

  9. Transparency: Differently from 99% of other tours, our tours are *truly* all-inclusive. Actually, there's also one big difference: all-inclusive with high quality. Thus, you enjoy meals in very good restaurants with great wines included, aperitivi, wine tastings, admissions and more.  Except for gifts that you would like to bring back home,  you can leave your wallet in your room.

  10. Safety: We work hard and seriously to make sure you get the best experience we can offer. With licensed tour guides and tour leaders and an experienced US travel agent as my asssociate in the USA, you can feel safe about what you book and what you paid for. And this is still uncommon around (we personally tested a bad tour experience with a very famous tour operator in Australia, and they absolutely couldn't do anything to prevent us from having the worst tour we've ever spent). Plus, the travel agent can help you in setting up the rest of your tour in Italy or in Europe.
With our tours, you'll never walk alone.