Private tours in Le Marche

Doctor Le Marche will guide you to discover a wonderful land called Le Marche.

Map of Le Marche

Philip McGillivary

You really could be considered an economic asset... :-)

Philip McGillivary suggest

I do have still on my computer desktop some pix I had wanted to send you of my very nice trip with you in Le Marche region hiking and having the best wine ever, and excellent seafood as well as meeting your wonderful father and seeing his boat.

Anyway, I can append here a few of my favorite pictures, and would be happy to tell anyone what a great time I had with you.  And how much I enjoyed not driving in Italy myself!

PS. You really could be considered an economic asset...I have been buying up lots of Italian wine from Le Marche and giving lots away to friends since I got back... Not that I have yet found the REALLY good stuff from that small little winery up in the hills that the woman was running... the one YOU stocked up on.  That was the best stuff...

Philip McGillivary, San Francisco, California, USA

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